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With pure dedication to customer service, clients can consistently expect a solid commitment to quality, strong work ethic, and safe work culture.

Keldan aims to create a business where all employees are treated in such a way that they bring the best of who they are to work. Keldan’s values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act.

Keldan labour resource services is made up of trades qualified personnel covering a multitude of services and resource options. Keldan is familiar and equipped to provide statutory appointed personnel to comply to specific industry requirements with wholistic servicing opportunities.

Take a look below at all of the services that we offer and get in touch today.


Trade Labour Resources

If you have a project or break down or just need to prop up your current resource allocations, Keldan can provide multiple Trade Skillsets at fair competitive market rates.
The right people for the right task is paramount for any operation. Keldan understands this from a servicing perspective and will only appoint relevantly experienced personnel for specific service requests.
With a fundamental focus on attaining absolute quality control whilst maintaining compliant safe work practices, Keldan has the flexibility, personnel volume and commitment to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.
If you’re looking for a reliable, single point of contact to meet all your project needs, contact Keldan today.

Boilermaking Services

Keldan’s manufacturing team has worked closely with OEM’s and equipment specialists to obtain the necessary knowledge to provide sound maintenance, advice with the execution skillset required to fulfil heavy industry maintenance programs. Diagnosis of structural fatigue/stresses of assemblies, and rectification processes is a vital learning element and is mentored to all relevant personnel within the Keldan Group to preserve the highest skill level.
The Keldan Group has built its engineering team based on many years of industry knowhow and successful asset management with a clear understanding of refurbishment requirements, techniques and value for money propositions to minimise maintenance costs providing servicing feasibility.
The right people for the right task is paramount within the operation with a fundamental focus on attaining absolute quality control and safe work practices for all projects.

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Line Boring & Liquid Nitrogen Supply

Keldan Line Boring is fully equipped with mobile Line Boring Trucks ready to access and service all your Line Boring and Liquid Nitrogen needs. Our experienced staff can provide detailed quality assessment with remediation advice prior to undertaking. Detailed reporting provides clear visual aid of fatigued linkages to assist in scope generation and remediation advice prior to any works being executed.

Service include though not limited to:

  • Mining

  • Agriculture

  • Commercial & Domestic applications

  • Liquid Nitrogen supplier – Dedicated 12,000 litre onsite storage vessel

  • Medical & Veterinary servicing (liquid nitrogen)

Automotive Mechanical Services

Looking for a one stop shop for all your Automotive Mechanical needs? 
Keldan Automotive provides all your essential maintenance servicing at one location. With qualified mechanical, electrical and aircon trades personnel with extensive network of suppliers, you can expect a quality service at an affordable price with no hidden surprises........
Services include: Mechanical, Electrical, Log Book servicing, Fleet Servicing, Tuning, Belt & Hose replacement, Steering & Suspension, Tyres, Wheel Alignment, Pink/Blue Slips, Bulk Oils and Grease.
With a dedicated workshop at 21 Glen Munro Road Muswellbrook.
MVRL: 55531.     
Come meet the team today.



Oils & Grease

Valvoline products

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